Gokud kuroshakai

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Gokud kuroshakai

latest movies online. A violent gangster film that manages to be hauntingly beautiful, RAINY DOG is a departure from the splatter of director Takashi Miike's other films. Yuuji (Sho Aikawa) is a Yakuza down on his luck and... read more barely getting by on assassination jobs given him by a local boss in Taiwan, when a woman from his past reappears along with a son he never knew about. The woman abandons the boy with Yuuji, and along with his newfound responsibility comes a desire to provide a life of security for his new family, which includes a prostitute with whom Yuuji has taken up. He is forced to fight for the sanctuary he seeks, however, finding himself caught in the midst of a gangland war and confronted with another Yakuza who may have a contract out on him. Reminiscent of Japanese noir films and replete with mood and characterization that take precedence over the violent action, this is the second installment of Miike's stunning "Black Society Trilogy."full movies online

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